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Tatooing and Exotic Body Piercing

Making high-level, beautiful custom tattoos is what we do. The studio is open, spacious, and spotless. Conversation and engagement with clients are important waypoints along the journey of getting a tattoo and are respected aspects of the tattoo experience. We have cultivated a warm, fun, and friendly environment that can best be described as a buzzing hive of activity.

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Hive Tattoo

Art in all its nuances is what you breathe in the Hive Tatto Art Gallery, the idea of making the space a real art gallery is closely linked with the world of tattooing. The choice of different artists always has a reference to studio work: color, social issues and communication, the most borderline art. The works can be seen in the studio and can be visited for about a couple of months, the space is open to everyone and for those who wish to exhibit in the studio the doors are open.


Inside the Hive Tattoo Art Gallery there is a space dedicated to piercing. A Wildcat piercing lounge in which piercings of all kinds are performed and you can choose, directly in the studio, from a wide range of high quality jewelry. At the Hive Tattoo Art Gallery, several windows of the most important jewelry brand in the world: a piercing shop at your fingertips.

Hive Tattoo Art Gallery

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Come to us with your own sketch or design.